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Market Knowledge

As one of the largest suppliers of diesel injectors & spare parts in the independent market, United Diesel is an energetic and dynamic company that keeps passenger and commercial vehicles moving throughout the world.


The regular and open feedback United Diesel receives from customers and distribution partners is incorporated into the ongoing development of the range of products and services offered. 

Know How

Distribution partners and their customers benefit from the complete range of quality diesel parts for passenger and commercial vehicles. We obtain virtually all Diesel parts for both new and older commercial vehicles of the leading European vehicle brands from a single source. As a complete range supplier, United Diesel offers, by means of time and cost savings, a synergetic effect which represents a significant, competitive advantage.


We achieve the highest standards of quality, equivalent to that of new products. This is accomplished via the use of solely original components and manufacturing our products under strict quality supervision, assuring their reliability.


The knowledge gained through many years of experience in product management, and the technical know-how in product manufacturing, are the basis for our reliability, confidence and success in the automotive market.

Quality Management:
Technical Attendance

With a new diesel clean room where technicians can conduct their work in a controlled environment, we ensure that our common rail systems are not contaminated by
atmospheric particles. The high tech test bench common rail diagnostic equipment
gives us the capability to quickly diagnose faults.  


Part of our quality management is a comprehensive process of control, monitoring and optimization of all business processes at United Diesel. This process reliably leads to products with consistent and proven quality, in compliance with state of the art technology.


The product development processes at United Diesel, which have been optimized over the years, are based on the guidelines of the automotive industry and extend beyond these standards.


“With our proven quality, we ensure global trust and safety”. – Engineer Mr. Yitzhak Slakman, Head of Quality Management, United Diesel.

Chain Supply Management

Distribution partners and customers of United Diesel benefit from the high level of article availability and reliable, punctual delivery of parts. Thanks to the most advanced warehouse technology, and customized logistics solutions, distribution partners are able to supply their customers with products from United Diesel on a flexible and time optimized basis.


The support of distribution partners with shipping and customs clearance, guarantees a fast and reliable supply chain right through to the customer. This includes mandatory compliance audits, as well as the processing of goods, both export and import, in all countries throughout the world. Distribution partners and service providers alike appreciate United Diesel as a solid, reliable and service-minded supplier of the products.

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